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Financing From $500k-$20MM

At EFFI, our goal is to provide exceptional finance solutions to our customers. We aim to provide each of our customers with solutions that are Well Priced, Well Structured, and Well Financed. But what does that mean?
Well Priced → The right rate, that you can count on
Well Structured → Terms that make sense for your business needs and asset usage
Well Financed → Exceptional funding combines Well Priced and Well Structured that is just right for your business situation

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Welcome to Exceptional

We combine Well Priced & Well Structured to create Well Financed. 4 Steps to Funding:


Together, we discuss your company’s background, review financial performance, and determine the best options.

Pre-Approval & Term Sheet

Internal analysis of financials, equipment & structure options. Our committee provides Pre-Approval & Term Sheet.

Funding of Equipment

With your agreement of the Term Sheet, we proceed towards Credit Committee’s final Approval.

Credit Committee Approval

Following Credit Committee Approval and completion of documentation, wires will be ready for funding.

Funded Projects


Taking flight with our clients, EFFI serves those who transport the nation’s products and business executives as well as FBOs who serve the airports. Fixed wing, rotor wing, commercial aircraft engi...


Concrete & Infrastructure

Building the nation’s infrastructure requires the use of heavy equipment, demanding a Well Financed strategy. Long term financing of notes and capital leases in conjunction with operating leases wil...


Construction & Cranes

Cranes, specialized rigging, and construction assets erect the nation’s buildings and infrastructure. Financing solutions are paramount to the longevity of this capital-intensive industry. Well Stru...



EFFI supports "Made In America" as well as the companies that provide the engineering and assembly for product development both here and abroad. As U.S. manufacturing continues to pick up steam and co...



Mining operations are material to our nation's economic sustainability. Mining companies bolster energy creation and harvest natural resources for a multitude of applications and industries. Financing...


Transportation & Titled Vehicles

Transportation markets carry the weight of distribution networks along the nation’s airways, roadways, and railways. EFFI’s fleet financing and leasing provides a Well Structured influx of capital...


Food & Beverage

The food and beverage production industry is always evolving. Production line technology is improving everyday. We are here to provide exceptional financing crafted in a way to help food manufacturers...


Equipment Brands We Finance

Financing From $500K-$20MM