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More than a Style Challenge, Dressember is a Campaign to End Human Trafficking

31 Days of Dressing for Freedom

The EFFI team has been suiting up in our best tie or dress attire for the entire month of December. It’s a fun way to bring our team together, but the goal behind the campaign is much bigger than a silly style change: to disrupt the $150 billion dollar human trafficking industry.

One of EFFI’s core missions is to enrich lives. We choose to advocate with Dressember because we believe in the inherent dignity of all people. We want to do our part and join the 32,000 Dressember advocates around the world in the fight against human trafficking.

This is our fourth year participating in the Dressember campaign. Please consider participating by dressing up, spreading the word about the cause behind Dressember, or donating.

When enough people use their voices to make a change, things begin to shift. In addition to building awareness, it’s a movement rooted in the belief that all people deserve to be free. This is why we are encouraging our readers to donate to support prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment programs around the world.

How Donations Will Help

Through collaborative conversations with experts, survivors, and leaders in the space, the Dressember Foundation discovers the areas of greatest need and communities experiencing the highest levels of vulnerability. They identify the most impactful organizations doing this work and invest in them financially to help scale their impact. They vet partners annually internally and in collaboration with Dressember’s survivor-led Grant Advisory Committee.

Join Us

Join us this year as we continue to bring awareness about this injustice and who it impacts most.

It is an opportunity to join a global movement and participate in the solution to ending human trafficking. The EFFI team is honored to be a small part of the great work being done by advocates around the world.

Learn more about Dressember here.