Featured Project: Financing Internal Startup

Set Up an Internal Startup for your Construction Equipment Rental Needs

Client Situation: When providing union and non-union labor for construction projects, a company must segregate its assets. For union jobs, these assets must not be leased from a non-union entity. Set up an internal startup for inter-company rentals to meet these critical regulations as a construction company.

EFFI Provided: TEFFI fulfilled the asset transfer and refinance to establish an internal startup rental company for this construction & demolition business owner.

    • First, EFFI quantified the value for funding, and then structured a term long enough to provide smooth cash flow for the internal startup. Finally, EFFI provided complete financing for this construction company’s brand new internal startup.
    • EFFI’s familiarity with the construction industry allowed for a complete take-out financing of all old debt and recasting of the new debt.
    • EFFI provided Well Priced & Well Structured equipment financing to establish the internal startup rental company, meeting regulations for the parent’s union and non-union construction company statuses.

Establish an internal startup rental company for your business: financewitheffi@effifinance.com