Featured Project: Financing Corporate Growth

Won the Big Contract? Use Equipment Finance to Promote Corporate Growth

Client Situation: The largest contract of this heavy haul trucking company’s history came from Apple, Inc. The project required additional trailers and power units in order to prepare for corporate growth in their business and meet promises to their new client, Apple.

EFFI Provided: First, EFFI refinanced the fleet in order to generate additional cash flow ahead of the ramp-up for the contract. Then, EFFI provided the corporate growth financing for new power units and numerous trailers.

  • In order to meet the equipment demands of the new contract, the client needed to acquire additional assets and upgrade some of their older assets.
  • The key for taking on the additional debt lies in today’s cash flow and a refinance of the previously booked loans and leases. EFFI re-casted the term and reduced their monthly payments. Thus, unlocking current cash flow for the company.
  • EFFI Managed the titling process with the consolidation of multiple lenders, providing efficiency.

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