Helping a Rocky Mountain Manufacturer Through Logistical Challenges


Case Study: Financing the “Ferrari of Lasers”

Introduction: In this case study, we examine the financing process for the acquisition of a high-value manufacturing asset referred to as the “Ferrari of Lasers.” The asset was acquired by a company based in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. The company opted to secure financing through Equipment Finance Funding International (EFFI),. (EFFI), to facilitate the acquisition of the asset. The asset, despite facing challenges related to the Ukraine conflict, successfully made its journey across the Atlantic and was delivered to the company’s manufacturing plant. The financing terms included progress payments, installment payments, interest-only payments, and a locked-in interest rate amortized over a 72-month period.

Background: The company based in the Rocky Mountain region identified a critical need to acquire a cutting-edge manufacturing asset. This advanced equipment held the potential to revolutionize the company’s manufacturing processes, enabling increased precision, efficiency, product quality, and significant differentiation from other competitors in the market.

Financing Arrangement: To facilitate the acquisition, the company decided to partner with EFFI, a finance company specialized in providing tailored solutions for capital-intensive industries. EFFI designed a financing package that aligned with the company’s financial goals and capabilities.

  1. Progress Payments and Down Payment: The acquisition process commenced with a down payment. EFFI stepped in to fund the progress payments required for the down payment. This strategic move allowed the company to retain liquidity for other essential business operations while the asset was in the process of being delivered and installed.
  2. Interest-Only Payments: To provide the company with additional financial flexibility during the asset acquisition phase, EFFI structured the financing with interest-only payments for a certain period. This approach eased the initial financial burden on the company, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.
  3. Locked-In Interest Rate and Amortization: EFFI locked in a favorable interest rate for the entire term of the financing arrangement. This proactive step shielded the company from potential interest rate fluctuations and helped to provide  predictability in their financial planning. The interest payments were amortized over a 72-month period, enabling the company to gradually pay down the principal while managing cash flow effectively.

Overcoming Challenges: During the acquisition process, the asset faced logistical challenges due to the ongoing Ukraine conflict. However, with diligent planning, EFFI and the logistics team managed to navigate these challenges and ensured the safe and successful journey of the asset across the Atlantic to the company’s manufacturing plant.

Results and Impact: The successful acquisition and financing of the “Ferrari of Lasers” had a profound impact on the company’s manufacturing capabilities. The advanced technology embedded within the asset led to substantial improvements in precision, efficiency, and product quality. As a result, the company was better positioned to compete in the global market and drive innovation within their industry.

Conclusion: This case study highlights the strategic decision-making process undertaken by a precision manufacturer to acquire a cutting-edge manufacturing asset. Through a well-structured financing agreement with EFFI, the company managed to secure the assets while maintaining financial flexibility. The successful delivery of the asset, despite the complex challenges, further underscores the dedication and expertise of all parties involved. The outcome of this project reflects the importance of strategic financing and partnership in enabling businesses to thrive and innovate in the competitive landscape.

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