Featured Project: Bank Declined Your Assets?

Manufacturing Facility Expansion: When the Bank is Full, but your Building Isn’t

Client Situation: Achieving a dream to own their primary headquarters, this client received funding from their primary lender. However, their bank declined their expansion’s non-shell assets, critical assets for a successful expansion. This manufacturing needed a secondary capital source.
EFFI Provided: Once the bank declined, EFFI picked up right where the primary lender left off. EFFI supplied the additional capacity and capital to fund the remaining equipment necessary to complete the expansion.

  • The new facility was state-of-the art for this engineering firm. The cash required to fund the down payment for the real estate financing left the company low on cash. The real estate financing used almost all the availability with the primary lender.
  • The building’s interior required office module furniture financing, lighting, racking and even forklift financing before the employees could move in and enjoy their new facility.
  • EFFI provided Well Priced & Well Structured equipment financing for critical assets that the bank declined.

Has your primary bank declined a particular type of asset? When your primary lender seems ‘full’ or unwilling to provide more capital, EFFI can offer a complete, Well Financed solution: financewitheffi@effifinance.com