Case Study: Food Processing Manufacturer Secures Financing

Generates $100MM in Revenue

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Introduction: In this case study, we will follow the success story of a food processing manufacturer that relied on strategic financing to establish a new production line, enabling them to meet the demands of a prominent big-box retailer. By securing the necessary equipment finance capital, this Costco vendor was able to scale up its operations and generate significant revenue through a lucrative partnership, all while accepting a concentration of over 70% with a single vendor.

Food Processor Secures Funding, Achieves $100 Million Revenue with Major Retailer
This seasoned Costco vendor excels in high-quality packaged foods, including snacks, ready-to-eat meals, and frozen products, boasting a strong reputation and successful retail partnerships.

Background: This Costco vendor is a well-established food processing company known for its high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes. They specialize in producing a variety of packaged food items, including snacks, ready-to-eat meals, and frozen foods. Over the years, they have built a strong reputation in the food industry and have established several successful retail partnerships.

Opportunity with a Big Box Retailer: Costco provided a tremendous opportunity for this EFFI client to become a major supplier with a nationwide presence. The manufacturer aimed to position their products in all Costco stores, potentially leading to a substantial increase in sales and revenue.

The Challenge: To meet the requirements of this opportunity, the manufacturer needed to significantly increase its production capacity and expand its product offerings. This required the acquisition of new machinery, additional workforce, and a larger production facility. The capital expenditure for this expansion was approximately $12 million. The credit committee had to approve an exception to policy and extend credit to a Lessee that had a concentration of over 75% with a single client: Costco.

Seeking Strategic Financing: Recognizing the growth potential, the management team decided to explore various financing options. They reached out to financial advisors and lending institutions to secure the necessary capital for the expansion. After thorough discussions, they opted for an equipment finance structure with EFFI Finance to meet their funding needs.

Financing: The food processing manufacturer secured a substantial equipment finance vehicle from EFFI Finance with a highly competitive interest rate. The company presented a comprehensive business plan that outlined their partnership with the big-box retailer, projected revenues, and the return on investment for potential lenders. The established reputation of the management team and their impressive track record significantly boosted their credibility in the eyes of the credit committee.

Executing the Expansion: With the financing in place, leadership wasted no time and swiftly moved forward with the expansion. They acquired state-of-the-art food processing machinery, leased a larger production facility, and recruited a skilled workforce to support the increased production demands. Additionally, they developed new product lines to cater specifically to Costco’s requirements.

Success and Revenue Generation: The expanded production capabilities enabled this Costco vendor to fulfill the big-box retailer’s orders promptly and efficiently. Costco was impressed with the quality and variety of products, resulting in a significant increase in orders and nationwide distribution. As a result, the project generated approximately $100 million in revenue within the first year of their partnership.

Conclusion: By strategically securing financing to establish a new production line and meet the demands of a big-box retailer, this Costco vendor successfully capitalized on a lucrative opportunity. Their collaboration with the retailer not only led to significant revenue generation but also strengthened their ability to maintain the Costco relationship and develop new market opportunities with the same equipment to reduce reliance on a single major client. This case study demonstrates the importance of strategic financial planning and capitalizing on opportunities for business expansion and success.

Case Study: Food Processor Secures Funding, Achieves $100 Million Revenue with Major Retailer

For financing that’s straightforward and transparent, EFFI has Well Priced options for your business. Contact us today.