Takeaways from World of Concrete 2023

We had a great time visiting Las Vegas, attending the event, and getting to speak with so many of our friends and colleagues in the concrete industry. With so much to do and see, we wanted to share what we thought were the key takeaways from World of Concrete 2023:

  • The event seems to have returned to pre-pandemic attendance, with a great turnout.
  • Putzmeister, Schwing, Alliance, and DY all showcased several new pumps with bright new paint jobs for their clients.
    • Schwing unveiled their new Z boom, RaZor.
    • Equipment deliveries have been delayed – if you have the assets and operators, you’re in a good place.
    • While fuel was high last year, it’s returned to more acceptable levels.
  • The Infrastructure Bill seems promising, however has not quite made an impact on spending for concrete companies.
  • Housing starts are lower than in previous years. Residential jobs are likely to pick up this summer when rates and the economy settle in and consumer demand picks up.
  • The industry has a lot of commercial jobs underway, and the economy is still dependent on concrete.
  • Lending will be more credit-focused in 2023, and the best run concrete pumping companies will excel and gain market share via excellent lending and leadership.
    • Regarding lending rates; rates are up, however they are now lower than the peaks of 2022.

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World of Concrete 2023 in Photos

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